Obsidion is an open source minecaft focusued Discord bot with lots of advanced features

Obsidion Commands

To use type: [prefix] [command name] for example: /help
You can also mention the bot to use a command, for example @Obsidion [command name]
For more help with a specific command type: /help [command name]


Command Description Usage
Profile View a players Minecraft UUID, Username history and skin. /profile [username]
Server Get info on a minecraft server. /server [server ip] [port]
Bug Gets info on a bug from https://bugs.mojang.com/. /mcbug [bug]
Wiki Get an article from the minecraft wiki. /wiki [query]
ServerPE Get info on a minecraft PE server. /serverpe [server ip] [port]
Status Check the status of all the Mojang services. /server


Command Description Usage
Storage Calculate how many chests and shulkers you need for that number of items. /storage [items]
Comparator Calculate the strength of a comparator output only works for a chest. /comparator [item_count]
tick2second Convert seconds to tick. /tick2second [ticks]
second2tick Convert ticks to seconds. /second2tick [seconds]
itemsfromredstone Calculate how many items for a redstone signal. /itemsfromredstone [item_count]


Command Description Usage
Achievement Create your very own custom Minecraft achievements! /achievement [block id] [title] [word1] [word2] [word3]
Avatar Renders a Minecraft players face. /avatar [username]
Skull Renders a Minecraft players skull. /skull [username]
Skin Renders a Minecraft players skin. /skin [username]
Render Renders a Minecraft players skin in 6 different ways. You can choose from these 6 render types: face, front, frontfull, head, bust & skin. /render [username] [type]
Sign Create a Minecraft sign with custom text. /sign [text]


Command Description Usage
Buildidea Get an idea for a new idea. /buildidea
Villager Convert english to Villager speech hmm. /villager [speech]
Enchant Enchant a message. /enchant [message]
Unenchant Unenchant a message. /unenchant [message]
Creeper Well there is never not enough room for this. /creeper
Kill Kill that pesky friend in a fun and stylish way. /kill [member]
PvP Duel someone. /pvp [memeber1] [memeber2]
RPS Play Rock Paper Shears /rps [your_choice]


Command Description Usage
Invite Invite the bot to your Discord server. /invite
License Info Info about the license which Obsidion is released under. /licenseinfo
Info Display info about the bot. /info
Source Displays my full source code or for a specific command. To display the source code of a subcommand you can separate it by periods. /source [command]
Vote Help support this bot by helping others to find it. /help
Ping Check ping of client, message and api. /ping
Stats View statistics about the bot. /stats
BuG Report Sends a bug report /bugreport [content]
Feedback Gives feedback about the bot. This is a quick way to request features or bug fixes without being in the bot's server. /feedback [content]


Command Description Usage
Wyncraft Get statistics of a player on wynncraft. /wyncraft [username]
Gommehd Get statistics of a player on gommehd. /gommehd [username]
VeltPvP Get statistics of a player on veltpvp. /veltpvp [username]
BlocksMC Get statistics of a player on blocksmc. /blocksmc [username]
Universocraft Get statistics of a player on universocraft. /universocraft [username]
Minesaga Get statistics of a player on minesaga. /minesaga [username]
Manacube Get statistics of a player on manacube. /manacube [username]
Hiverank View the rank of a player on hiverank. /hiverank [username]
Hivestatus View the status of a player on hive. /hivestatus [username]
Hivestats Get statistics of a player on hive. /hivestats [username] [game]

Meet the team behind Obsidion

These people have been instrumental in helping to get Obsidion up and running.

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